In this Right Brain/Left Brain series of work I am exploring the delicate circuitry and disintegration involved in brain function/dysfunction following the affliction of my mother with dementia. Drawing with soot, gunpowder and fireworks on handmade paper, encapsulated, and thereby held together on the paper by encaustic medium (beeswax and tree resin), these works serve as a metaphor for what is, and isn’t, controllable. Working with incendiary materials; explosive, transient, transformative and unpredictable, I hope to illustrate the neural complexity, temporality, and fragility we all share. 

If you are viewing my website on a mobile device, the information about each piece is accessed by clicking the small white dot in the lower righthand corner of the image when viewed in the lightbox higher resolution version. To activate the lightbox, just click on the squares in the grid on the page.